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    This Day in History – September 21, 1966

    Advertisements On this day in 1966, the National Guard was mobilized to stop rioting in Dayton, Ohio. The senseless slaughter of an African American business man and a resident of West Dayton tipped off a feud that few remember, but many cannot forget. This was the defining moment for what has come to be known […]

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    Top 5 Travel Groups Owned By African American Women

    Advertisements According to the experts at the New York Times, The Mandala Research firm located in Alexandria, VA says that “…nearly one-fifth of African Americans take one or more international trips per year.” As the population in the United States grows in leaps and bounds, more people are travelling abroad everyday. Many individuals travel internationally […]

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    Response After Riots

    Advertisements After issuing a polarizing statement regarding the white supremacist rallies in Charlottesville, President Trump set up a meeting to “explain” with the only African-American Republican in the Senate—Senator Tim Scott. Scott is a conservative who had previously encouraged Trump to meet with influential African-Americans to better understand their culture. Scott has also expressed revulsion […]

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    This Day in History – September 20, 1962

    Advertisements On this day in 1962, James H. Meredith was denied admission to the University of Mississippi by Governor Barnett. Born in Mississippi on June 25, 1933, Meredith grew up on a farm, far away from the intense racism of the time. His first experience with racism occurred while riding on a train with his […]

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    Communities Suffer after IRMA

    Advertisements Hurricane Irma touched down on the Florida coast last week, causing widespread damage and displacement. Unfortunately, history has shown that relief aid is dispersed among Florida’s predominantly white areas or tourist destinations like Miami. Poor areas like Overtown and Liberty city receive relief last and are forced to rely on their community’s own man […]

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    6 Successful Start Ups Run by Black College Students

    Advertisements More and more schools are creating accelerators, competitions, and classes designed to get student ideas off the ground. As a result, students aren’t waiting to graduate to get started, they’re using their connections at school and the support they’re getting to create fascinating startups. We’ve collected 6 of our favorites. 1. Ataria NYC Founded by […]

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    9 Beauty Brands for Women of Color

    Advertisements Beauty is one of the fastest-growing industries in the start-up world. Check out and support these 9 companies founded by people of color. 1. Juvias Place Chichi Eburu founded her company to create eyeshadow that will show up on darker skin. Her palates and packaging are inspired by African culture and have quickly become […]

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    The National Black Programming Consortium Receives a $750,000 Grant

    Advertisements The National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC) was recently granted $750,000 from The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. The grant is from the foundation’s Journalism and Media program, which works towards the strengthening of American democracy through informing and activating Americans through independent journalism and media. Founded in 1979, the National Black Programming […]

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    ‘Black Man in a Black World’ Art Exhibit: Artist Wesley Clark

    Advertisements Wesley Clark, an artist from Baltimore, has released his latest exhibit, “Black Man in a Black World.” It’s scheduled to be featured at Galerie Myrtis, known for its emotional and intellectual art. The collection features 19 pieces for view and sale – with pricing ranging from $850 to $5,500. Wesley Clark’s Factualism delivers an […]

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    This Day in History – September 19, 1981

    Advertisements On this day in 1981, there was a protest of over 250,000 people around the Washington Monument in D.C. to protest President Reagan’s budget cuts and tax policies and to reaffirm the solidarity of the nation’s labor movement behind its leaders. The Solidarity Day demonstration,organized by the AFL-CIO and civil rights groups and partly […]