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    Symone Sanders Told To ‘Shut Up’ By Panelists

    Advertisements On live television on CNN, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli told Symone Sanders to “shut up” during a debate. The debate they were having was about the incident in Charlottesville, Virginia and Sanders accused Cucinelli of failing to properly condemn the Nazi and white supremacists in attendance at the event. Anchor Chris Cuomo stepped […]

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    This Day in History – August 18, 1963

    Advertisements On this day in 1963, James Meredith became the first black man to graduate from the University of Mississippi with a bachelor’s degree. Meredith applied to join the university in January 1961 but failed to be admitted on racial discrimination fueled by the then-governor of Mississippi, Ross Barnett. He sought out legal help which […]

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    Tracee Ellis Ross Delivers Keynote Speech on Struggles of White Standards of Beauty

    Advertisements Actress Tracee Ellis Ross, Golden Globe-winning 44-year-old Black-ish actress, delivered the keynote address at the 2107 Beautycon in Los Angeles, CA. Her message focused on her struggles with white standards of beauty and “the objectifying gaze,” which she defined as “seeing or treating a person as an object of desire or an instrument of sexual pleasure or […]

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    Pantone Unveils Custom Color in Tribute to Prince

    Advertisements On Monday, the industrial printing company Pantone released a statement on their website, announcing that they would be a adding a new color to their lineup. The color is a new shade of purple, a tribute to the memory of the musician Prince. The color was collaborated upon by Pantone, The Prince Estate, and […]

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    Residents of Africa Demoralized By Charlottesville Riot

    Advertisements Following the demonstration turned riot in Charlottesville, Virginia, many individuals from different countries across Africa have taken to social media to declare their shock, horror, and outrage at the violence and audacity of the white-nationalists, neo-Nazis and alt-right members who participated. In the recent past, citizens of African countries have been unjustly targeted by […]

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    Tyra Banks Slays At Social Media

    Advertisements According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tyra Banks is the most popular television personality based on shares from social media sites. Banks has held the position for five weeks now. Banks, 43, has had an impressive career and cultivated a massive fanbase. Her twitter has 14.3 million followers and her Facebook page has over 7 […]

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    Kevin Hart Remains Top Ranked Comedian On Social Media

    Advertisements According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kevin Hart is the top ranked comedian on social media based on shares, posts and searches. Hart recently released a new emoji app called “Laugh Out Loud”. The app functions as a streaming service that offers exclusive shows and content, along with older stand up as well. Hart, an […]

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    This Day in History – August 17, 1984

    Advertisements On this day in 1984, Roberto Clemente became the second baseball player to be featured on a stamp. The 20 cent stamp, commemorating the 50th birthday of this baseball star, was issued on August 17th, 1984 in Clemente’s birthplace of Carolina, Puerto Rico. The stamps were issued in panes of 50, and designed by […]

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    Black YouTube Stars Paid By the Trump Campaign

    Advertisements In early 2016, Youtube stars and sisters Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson began making pro-Trump videos on Youtube. When ABC asked about their connection to the Trump campaign, a spokesperson said that the Youtube personalities “[had] never been paid by the campaign, which you can verify in [the campaign’s] FEC reports”. However, […]