Angry Black Women: Taking Action Against an Age Old Stereotype

Publicis Groupe and other organizations are hoping to change America’s view of black women


The idea that ‘angry black women’ exist dates back to the unforgotten days of slavery when women watched as they were separated from their families and their families were sold off to slave owners. Their emotional state was considered anger that was not necessary nor palpable in the eyes of the sellers and buyers. This caused the stereotype to reign it’s ugly head.

Emotions that came from grief over their families being taken away was read as this unnecessary anger coining them as angry black women through the decades.


Since the 1930’s the stereotype has been resurrected and given new life especially in today’s media, social platforms, photos, memes, movies and television shows. While this still affects many black women in a negative way, there are now organizations that seek to end the stereotype of the angry black woman. One such organization, Publicis Groupe, are hoping to change America’s view of black women, showcasing they are not what the past has created nor what the present is constructing.

Women of power fall into the stereotype easily because society has the idea that a woman of color that is in a powerful position, such as Michelle Obama’s status, that she must have climbed the ladder of success due to being an aggressive, ‘angry black woman.’ Of course, society has been wrong a few times in the past.

The Publicis Groupe is striving to make America, the media, social platforms, and everyone else aware of the situation, and also bring their views and opinions to the marketers of reality shows that there ARE mixed messages being sent to many young African-American girls.


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