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Open Mike Eagle’s New Album Reflects on his Childhood

Growing up in a low-income housing development, Open Mike Eagle’s new album focuses on societal issues nationwide


Shotguns firing and chain link fences on balconies – these are just some of the things you’ll hear about on Open Mike Eagle’s new album Brick Body Kids Still Daydream, due to be released November 2017. Much of this album is a reflection of his childhood years growing up in Chicago near the now demolished Robert Taylor Homes public housing development.


The new album contains 12 new songs that Open Mike Eagle penned himself with thoughts of his childhood and the struggle to be a black man in 2017. Songs like “Legendary Iron Hood” and “My Aunties Building” pay homage to the once towering Robert Taylor Homes that housed many low income families as well as some celebrities like Mr. T and Kirby Puckett before its final destruction in 2007. A promise that it would be replaced with over 2,000 mixed-income units was never followed through on, it is basically just an open field with a few hundred units that replaced the old ones.

Open Mike Eagle came up with the idea for Brick Body Kids during a flight and while doing some research on the public housing unit. This album is much like his last album release from 2016, it has a fictional side as well as a personal experience side.

The new album is available for purchase on November 27, 2017 but fans have a chance to preorder it on Open Mike Eagle’s website.


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