This Day in History – September 21, 1966

National Guard mobilized to stop rioting in Dayton, Ohio


On this day in 1966, the National Guard was mobilized to stop rioting in Dayton, Ohio. The senseless slaughter of an African American business man and a resident of West Dayton tipped off a feud that few remember, but many cannot forget. This was the defining moment for what has come to be known as the Dayton Riots in Black and American History.

Millennials and Gen Z individuals may have learned about it in school, but Gen X and before lived through it to tell the tales of death, destruction, and wrong doing to our brethren. The city of Dayton has always been a divided city with more white residents living on the east side and the majority of black residents living on the west side-divided by their racist views of white and black, as well as the Great Miami River.


Although the Dayton Riots lasted only two days, monetary damage caused by them was well over $200,000, which was a lot of money back then. Countless people were injured and hundreds were arrested. The National Guard was called in to subdue the riots and rioters, even staying in the area for an additional two weeks after all was said and done.

The truth remains that the city of Dayton has never been the same since the outbreaks, and some of it still stands divided. However, there are many individuals working to rebuild the community with hope that their efforts will help with the improvement of their community, schools, education and views so they can once again stand strong and together.


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