Black Salon Owners Give Hair Relief to Hurricane Harvey Survivors

How one salon owner is doing her part


As Hurricane Harvey subsides, the Houston area looks forward to the rebuilding of their city. As rainfall caused catastrophic flooding, the community has come together to begin the recovery process. Each individual is offering what they can to the efforts, including salon owner Christal Mercier.

Mercier has successfully mobilized select salons owned by African American women. The group chose to offers free haircuts and styling to those who need relief from the chaos around them.

They have set up their salons in the NRG Center in Houston where over 2,000 evacuees are housed.

Cristal believes that “If you make people look good on the outside, they feel good on the inside,” and “You might have gone through the storm but you don’t have to look like you went through the storm.”

In the aftermath of Harvey, the community embraces the opportunity to relax while Cristal and her colleague renew their “do.”


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