Chance the Rapper’s Arts & Literature Fund raised $2.2M Chicago Public Schools

The superstar rapper channeled his inner Steve Jobs to announce funding


Six months ago, breakout rap star Chance the Rapper announced that he would donate 1 million dollars to Chicago public schools through his youth empowerment charity Social Works.

In the past months, Chance has raised more than double what he promised Chicago’s youth originally. Through his organization’s Second Chance fund, the artist raised $2.2 million dollars to help promote arts programs in Chicago public schools.

Here is Chance cooking food to support Chicago public schools.

The artist streamed a live press conference through Periscope in early September to announce the milestone. Chance took this opportunity to display his own creativity by channeling Apple’s iconic leader Steve Jobs.


Chance took his own artistic liberties during the performance, mimicking Jobs’ iconic “look” in a black turtleneck and jeans. He even used a laser pointer to highlight important details of his announcement.

Chance acknowledged programs similar to his own initiative like OpenMike and Parade to the Polls while saying, “”Every contribution…brings this city and this nation closer to providing a well-rounded quality education for each and every child,” he said. “Funding quality education for public [school] students is the most important investment a community can make.”

Over the next three years, 20 schools in the Chicago area will each receive $100,000 to help promote artistic education.


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