This Day in History – September 4, 1981

Beyonce Knowles is born in Houston, Texas


hOn this day in 1981, American singer Beyoncé Knowles was born. Beyoncé has become the most well-liked and respected musicians of today. Now 36 years old, Knowles has acquired a net worth of an estimated 350 million dollars.

Beyoncé Knowles was born in Houston, Texas to a hairdresser and a Xerox sales manager. In grade school, Knowles won a school talent show while singing “Imagine” by John Lennon. Following this achievement, Beyoncé was enrolled in musically focused schools.

The interest and talent in music led Beyoncé to joining a group of girls and auditioning for talent shows such as “Star Search”. Beyoncé’s father decided to manage the group and line-up auditions in front of major record labels and eventually getting signed by Columbia Records.


Beyoncé’s group decided on the name “Destiny’s Child”. The group was quite successful having hits such as “Jumpin Jumpin” and “Say My Name”. The group eventually split apart and went separate directions after disagreements. This led to a solo career for Beyoncé.

Knowles’ first solo recording was with now current husband, Jay-Z. The two released the song in late 2002. Beyoncé released her first album in 2003, peaking at about 11 million copies sold worldwide. She continued to release solo albums, each earning praise and selling at record numbers. In 2016, Beyoncé headlined the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, right at the time she released her album “Formation”.

In 2008, Knowles married rapper Jay-Z. The couple is widely known in the music community. In January of 2012, Beyoncé gave birth to a daughter. The couple named the baby girl Blue Ivy Carter. In July 2017, Knowles gave birth to twins, the names being Rumi and Sir Carter. Knowles has been known for being active for specific campaigns, specifically same sex marriage and race equality.


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