Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” is 2017’s Most Profitable Movie so Far

Peele has received a two-year deal with Universal after the huge success of ‘Get Out’


Since his television debut on “Mad TV”, and the sketch-comedy show that he shared with his co-star Keegan Michael Key, Jordan Peele has made quite the name for himself. Peele, 38, not only directed a feature film for the first time, but debuted it to massive critical and box office success. According to The Wrap, Get Out is the most financially successful film of 2017.

The film focuses on a black man traveling with his white girlfriend to meet her family in a quaint suburban town. However, a dark surprise awaits him, and the town is not so innocent as it appears to be and certain people aren’t who they say they are. The film is full of allegory, symbolism and metaphor to represent modern-day racism. It makes several bold statements, and many would consider releasing such a film to be risk and a huge step away from the light-hearted comedy that initially garnered Peele much of his success.


However, the film received an extremely high score on the site Rotten Tomatoes when it was just released, and its rating currently remains high.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Peele has received a two-year deal with Universal to release more film addressing similar concepts of modern-day racism meets the horror and thriller genres. This leaves several questions for the future of Peele’s projects. Will they be as successful as Peele’s debut? Will there be copycats who ending launching a whole genre based on Peele’s work? Only time will tell, but we know for certain Peele won’t be ‘getting out’ of Hollywood anytime soon.


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