Amazon Is Developing an Alt-History Series Called ‘Black America’

The show will portray a world where African Americans control the South


Since the network HBO announced that it would be premiering an alternative-history drama called “Confederate”, many people have taken to the internet to announce their contempt towards the network for giving the green-light to something that many believe to be insensitive. One reason for this is because people think that the concept of the show makes light of the modern-day racism experienced by many members of the black community in the United States.

However, according to the Huffington Post, Will Packer (producer of Girls Trip, The Wedding Ringer and No Good Deed) and Aaron McGruder (creator of The Boondocks) have teamed up on an alternative-historical drama of their own called “Black America”.

Packer and MacGruder

The premise of the show is that after the Civil War, black citizens are given the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama as a form reparations. Together, they establish a government and prosper under their new found freedom.


On Twitter, many people have written tweets equating the two shows and praising “Black America” while calling for a boycott of “Confederate”. On one hand, both shows are being judged for their premises as opposed to their content, leading some to believe that the controversy is unwarranted. On the other hand, people are speculating that “Black America” is more likely to feature more Black actors in leading and main roles.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Black America” will be premiered on Amazon’s streaming service.



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