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Health Care Discrimination Causing Lethal Concerns to Black Men

Black men are twice more likely to die from their first heart attack.

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A new study shows that black men are twice as likely to die from a heart attack as the the average person in the United States is. Some medical experts blame the United States healthcare system for not providing Black Americans, particularly impoverished ones, equal access to doctors and medical facilities.

Heart disease is an issue not limited to the African American community, and it tragically, it is extremely common. The symptoms of heart disease can be aggravated by multiple factors than many American adults find themselves exposed to on a daily basis. These factors include workplace stress, smoking and being around unclean air, and a lack of exercise.

Food and diet also play a huge role in cardiovascular health. Being overweight and eating a lot of fatty, sugary or fried food can greatly increase one’s risk of having heart disease. However, for an impoverished person, it’s easier and more affordable to eat unhealthy, fast foods than it is to cook healthy meals with fresh ingredients.


Doctors on the other hand, say that they are not entirely to blame because in order for them to predict heart attacks and help their patients before they get one, they need the patients to come in more frequently for check ups. Additionally, a lot of Americans don’t recognize the symptoms of a minor heart attack, and when they get one, they fail to address is properly by getting professional medical help.

The real question is can we make it easier for the Black community and the impoverished in America to get the medical help they need?


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