This Day in History – August 3, 1928

The Atlanta Daily World newspaper is founded by William Alexander Scott III


On this day in 1928, The Atlanta Daily World newspaper was founded by William Alexander Scott, III in the United States. This newspaper remained the longest-running newspaper serving the African-American community. By the time the First Daily Newspaper was founded, only one other black newspaper existed; The Atlanta Independent, which was shut down five years later in 1933.


In its first edition, William Scott, the founder and publisher noted that there was a need to have a newspaper for Southern Negroes in terms of contributors and readers. To meet this objective, William used agents and newsboys in the area to popularize the newspaper. By 1930, the newspaper was the most circulated black newspaper. The Atlanta was a commercial newspaper which thrived from advertisers both from the white community as well as from the blacks. Popular brands such as Sears and Coca-Cola were frequent advertisers on the paper.

The rapid expansion and growing popularity of The Atlanta World led to the semi-weekly publication in 1930 and later a triweekly in 1931 to cater for the rising demand. William later began circulating other papers such as The Memphis World, and The Chattanooga Tribune among others which led to the establishment of the first African-American newspapers chain. This new chain saw the circulation of over 50 newspapers.

William was later killed when he was shot outside his home and no perpetrators were convicted of his murder. The newspaper continued being run by his family until in 2012 when it was purchased by Real Times Media. The newspaper remains one of the most popular paper on covering issues of the black community in modern times.


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