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‘Girls Auto Clinic’: Get Your Car Fixed While You Get Your Nails Done!

The company, with an all-women staff, advocates for women’s independence


Patrice Banks, who came up with her novel venture, Girls Auto Clinic founded an idea so brilliant, that now she has been gaining popularity as one of the country’s most creative and innovative female entrepreneurs!
Patrice says that when she would see women who were completely dependent on men for getting their cars repaired or serviced, it would upset her. In an interview with NBC, she expressed her desire of wanting to create something which would make women independent and would stop them from relying on the guys.

Her idea was to create a car repair garage which doubled as a hair and nail salon. Running successfully in Philadelphia, Patrice’s venture is now gaining rave reviews for this one-of-a-kind entrepreneurial success.

In a recent survey, it was found that despite of the large female population in the US, women mechanics only constitute around a mere 2 percent out of the total mechanics of the country.

To give wings to her novel idea, Patrice attended night classes to become a successful auto mechanic. Despite being an engineer by profession, Patrice believed in her venture and wanted to be an advocate for women’s independence.


When you visit the Girls’ auto clinic in Philadelphia, you’ll come around women in trendy red heels giving you tips about the efficient and effective maintenance of your car. And while your car is being repaired, you can go get your nails or hair done!

After all, why should boys have all the fun?


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