This Day in History – July 10, 1927

The first black mayor of NYC, David Norman Dinkins, is born


On this day in 1927, the first black mayor of New York City was born. David Norman Dinkins, the city’s first ever black mayor served his tenure for a period of five consecutive years beginning from 1989 to 1993. He was the first and, to date, only African American to hold that office. He was elected as the 106th Mayor of New York City in the year 1989.

Under Dinkins’ rule, the city got some of its major developmental features which are now marked as history. David, who was born in the Trenton town of New Jersey earned accolades for his work in America’s political as well as cultural scenario. Dinkins who studied at the Brooklyn School of Law, was known as a critically acclaimed writer for his book, “A Mayor’s Life”.

Apart from this, he also acted in a few famous Hollywood movies including Frame of Mind and Shooting Livien. Dinkins’ rule is considered as one of America’s most prosperous political phases. Some of his contributions include the development of education system in the city and the enhancement of safety laws and their levy.


David Dinkins rose to power from very humble roots. David Dinkins was the son of a barber, he later on started his career as a real estate broker after getting enlisted in the Marine Corps at the young age of 18.
Dinkins’ who now resides in New Jersey, is married to Joyce Dinkins. He has a son and a daughter.  

Known for the execution of worthy humanitarian work, David Norman Dinkins also served as the NYS Assemblyman along with being the President of the NYC Board of Elections.


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